Patreon Acquires Moment

October 17, 2023

With Moment, Patreon is bringing fans and creators closer together through ticketed digital experiences.

At Patreon, we believe the best future for creators is one where they have the freedom to make art that excites them and share it directly with the people who love it most. We’re focused on bringing creators and fans even closer together, and today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have acquired Moment, allowing creators to offer memorable digital experiences for their fans.

Earlier this month, we introduced a reimagined Patreon built entirely for creators and their fans, including new tools to help creators energize their communities and build sustainable businesses outside of paid memberships. Now, with Moment, we’re bringing creators one more way to share their art with their biggest fans through ticketed digital experiences.

About Moment

Founded by Arjun Mehta, Nigel Egrari, and Shray Bansal, Moment (formerly known as Moment House) is the number one digital events platform for artists and creators, including Justin Bieber, Tame Impala, Kygo, Pod Save America, Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings, and many more.

Every fan can relate to the excitement of watching their favorite creators perform their craft. And for creators, it’s hard to beat the connection live events breed with their most engaged communities and fans. That’s the magic Moment has brought to millions of fans through digital live experiences since launching in 2019 and what we know it will bring to Patreon’s creators and fans.

“Patreon’s mission has always been to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most passionate fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses,” said Jack Conte, Co-Founder & CEO, Patreon. “On the heels of releasing our new brand identity, mobile app, and a suite of creator tools, joining forces with Moment will further strengthen Patreon’s offerings for creators.”

“We built Moment to help artists and creators gather their global communities for premium live experiences while providing them complete control over creative and monetization,” said Arjun Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, Moment. “We are excited to join the Patreon team and deliver an even better, integrated experience to many more creators and their communities.”

What this Means for Moment and Patreon Creators

"We've been lucky enough to use both Patreon and Moment to strengthen our fanbase,” said Jeri and Ciara of Ladies & Tangents. “As creators, our lifeline is our community - and the joining of Patreon and Moment will help us continue to engage in really meaningful ways with our fans, both old and new.”

In the coming months, we plan to integrate foundational elements of the Moment and Patreon platforms to enable creators and fans to have a seamless experience across our membership, digital commerce, and digital event products.

Over the next decade, Patreon is setting out to build a sustainable future for creators by giving them a direct line to the people who love their work and acquiring Moment marks an important step in that journey. We can’t wait to see all of the Moments our community of musicians, podcasters, comedians, and more, creates.

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