An update on Commerce purchases in the iOS app

December 14, 2023

Soon digital product purchases will become available on Patreon's mobile app. When it does, those purchases will be subject to Apple’s App Store fee. We’re building controls for creators to choose how the App Store fee is applied.

Apple is requiring us to start using their in-app payment system in order for Patreon to remain available in the App Store, which means purchases made from our iOS app will be subject to Apple’s 30% App Store fee. These changes will take effect in two phases:

  1. Rolling out in January 2024, Apple will start taking a 30% fee on Commerce purchases (i.e. digital product purchases) made through Patreon’s iOS app.

  2. Later in 2024–we’re still determining the exact date–Apple will start charging their 30% fee on paid memberships (i.e. recurring subscriptions) purchased through Patreon’s iOS app. This will have no impact on existing paid memberships; it will only affect new paid memberships purchased in the iOS app after the changes take effect later in 2024.

This is a big change, and we’re committed to working with you in the coming months to offer options that work best for your business. We want to make sure you’re able to earn at least the same amount on every product sale in the Patreon iOS app as you do on other platforms.

Apple in-app purchasing for Commerce in 2024

We’ve built a tool that gives you the choice to either set a higher price in the iOS app, or absorb the App Store fee yourself. You can change your choice at any time. Here’s more detail on each option:

  • Maintain your earnings (the default): Setting a higher price for your products on the iOS app will maintain your earnings. We’ll automatically calculate the updated price (rounded to the nearest 0.50 for customer simplicity) to ensure you don’t earn less on an iOS product sale than you would elsewhere. This will be the default option.

Here’s what fans will see when they make a purchase on the web (left) vs. the iOS app (right).


When you price your product, we’ll automatically calculate the iOS price. The increase takes into account your list price, your currency, and whether currency conversion is involved.


  • Absorb the App Store fee: You can also choose to keep pricing the same across all platforms by absorbing the App Store fee yourself. If you choose this option, fees will be applied to the price you set for all purchases made through the App Store, which means you’ll earn less per sale on iOS transactions.


This approximate breakdown shows a USD transaction (with no currency conversion fees) across all product pricing options. Actual proportions will vary based on creator list price, creator currency, and fan currency.


Patreon will not charge a payment processing fee on purchases made in the iOS app, which means that moving forward we will typically generate less revenue on iOS transactions than on transactions made on other platforms. For a breakdown of fees and earnings on an example product sale, please visit our Help Center.

What’s next

Apple in-app purchasing will roll out over the coming months for creators selling products on Patreon. This will roll out first to fans in the US and Canada, and over time will expand to over 44 currencies and 200 payment methods.

As we prepare for App Store fees to extend to paid memberships purchased from the iOS app later next year, we’ll continue to speak with and involve creators to shape the product experience. We want to understand your concerns and work with you to give you the controls and resources to adapt to these changes, and make choices that fit your needs. Stay tuned.


  • For more on how in-app Commerce purchases on iOS will work, please visit the Help Center.
  • If you have feedback on iOS in-app purchases, share them here.